A bar at home is a dream for many people. Setting up your bar and bartending on some of your favourite cocktails can turn out an exciting experience to feel at home. However, for that, you require specific types of equipment to make spectacular cocktails at your bar corner. Here is a checklist to run down the types of equipment you need to keep the bar at home.

1. Jigger

Whether you’re drinking at a bar or home, it is always important to know how much you drink. Measuring your drink is essential to balance the mixes and spirits in your glass. The quality of taste and measurement depends on the jigger, and they are available in different shapes or sizes. Hence, it is a must-have item while assembling a bar at home.

2. Muddler

It is not just used while making a mojito; a muddler is also required to blend some ingredients in the glass while making a cocktail, sangria, orange, or lemon drink. A good muddler will bring out all the aromatic herbs, fruits to release their juices into the glass. You can buy a wooden or metal muddler for crushing and unlocking the flavours.

3. Bar Spoons

Bar spoons are used to stir the drinks. They are just like a regular spoon but have longer and slimmer handles with a smaller scoop. The length helps to reach the bottom of tall jugs, pitchers, tumblers, or glasses to gently mix the dilution such as whisky, gin, vodka without breaking down the ice and other ingredients.

4. Ice Bucket

Keeping the ice bucket at the bar counter makes you handy while making cocktails unless you'll always rush to take ice from the fridge. This bucket keeps the ice cubes fresh and long-lasting. Also, you can use an ice scoop or tongs to pick ice from the bucket and transfer it directly to the glass or shaker.

5. Cocktail Mixer

An essential tool helps to shake the ingredients nicely to blend. Mainly the mixers are made of metal and are cylindrical to either mix with other drinks or ice. You can also make all shaken drinks in this cocktail mixer to enjoy cocktails at home.