Are you feeling low today? Don’t worry because we’ve got something to rescue you. There’s not a better way to energise yourself in the middle of the day than an avocado shake. You might ask what is it about a shake just made out of avocados? Not only does this drink refresh a soul but also one’s mind and wellness. Avocado shake is just another among many shakes that is just as tasty, creamy and soothing to drink. For our readers who don't know what an avocado is, let us brief you. Avocados is an exotic Mexican fruit that has a single large seed. Our avocado shake is naturally loaded with fibres and potassium making it a wonderful, healthy creamy-dreamy drink for all.You might already know that avocados are mainly available as dips along with sandwiches or salads but rarely in the form of a drink. Avocado shake is a new discovery that we impatiently wanted to bring to your attention.It is made with a few simple ingredients and steps. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to find it yourself. 


  1. Take an avocado and remove its skin. Cut it into small pieces. 
  2. In a mixer grinder, add 500ml milk, 4-5 tablespoons of sugar for sweetness.   
  3. Add whipping cream if you would like to. It’s totally optional and dependent on you. 
  4. Blend it all up until it looks thick and creamy. Do add ice cubes after. 

Avocado shake is ready! Garnish with crushed nuts such as almond, pistachios, kajus because they are going to help in highlighting the taste.

Top your avocado shake with whatever that makes you happy. We hope our shake cheers you out and puts you in a good mood.