Hola! Are you a part of Billie Eilish’s (famous singer and a songwriter) fandom? If yes, then you guys know what avocados are. For those of you who did not understand the reference to what an ‘avocado’ is. It is an exotic Mexican fruit also known as ‘alligator pear. Now statistically speaking not a lot of people in India know or must have heard about it. Being an international fruit it's hardly found in all parts of our country. India exports avocados from neighbouring countries where it is found but lately it's believed that some parts of India have started growing this large fruit with a single seed . Well, Billie expressed her immense love for her liking of the fruit through social media and her fans naming them avocados; why don’t we list down the uses and benefits to you too through this article.

Where to find avocados in India?

Let's talk about the places where Indians can easily find it out. We can readily buy avocados from western parts of India like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Kerala, Maharashtra, etc. So on your next trip to Goa, don't forget to buy relatively inexpensive and highly healthy fruit. Of course, one can find it in metro cities, but one has to pay to believe it is quiet and rather expensive. The biggest drawback making avocado extremely inaccessible to people is its ‘overpriced’ nature, but the nutritional value and the somewhat nutty flavour that it holds will make you go 'woah'!

Avocado dip

Yes, avocados are mainly famous for their shakes, but you will be fascinated to know that there exists an avocado dip as well. You can use the dip to serve it with snacks at parties and occasions. The dip can also be used as a spread on sandwiches, bread, waffles and nachos. To spice it up a little, one can give it an Italian touch by adding cheese spread, Italian herbs and olives.

Follow these easy steps to make avocado dip at home:

  1. Peel off an avocado and put it in a mixer grinder for a smooth paste/dip.

  2. While making the dip, 3-4 cloves of garlic, pepper and salt can also be added to bring out a more accessible- tastier version of it.

Your avocado dip is now ready to serve and relish.