Aviation cocktail recipe: Get your hands on one of the finest yet ever-leading cocktails of all time. Aviation is another drink we have bought for you today. A classic, pale blue-purplish gin cocktail is fused with prime ingredients, including maraschino liqueur, creme de violette and gin. Aviation, quite an unusual name, isn't it? It is said that the term emerged because of its distinctive mix of colors. On another exciting note, let’s get into tracing the origin of our drink. Aviation, thousands of year-old cocktails hailed from New York. It is said that this drink that was immensely popular in its time was then created by a bartender accidentally while blending another drink at the same time. The glass might have lost its charm over the few years but believe us, after once trying, and you would feel disappointed and disheartened. 

Here’s how to make aviation at home.


  1. 40 ml gin
  2. 10ml lemon juice
  3. 10 ml sugar syrup 
  4. 10 ml maraschino liqueur 
  5. 2 bar spoon crème de violette
  6. Ice cubes/ crushed ice


  1. Take a shaker and combine all the ingredients, pouring one after another. Always begin with lemon juice and sugar syrup.
  2. Stir and shake well.
  3. Single strain in any fancy glass filled with ice cubes.
  4. There you go! Aviation is ready to enjoy. Top it off with a lemon slice or berry.

Note - Always remember to add creme de Violette during the making of this drink because many recipes ignore it during preparation. Creme de Violette is, in fact, a prime ingredient of this drink. Although in case you’re unable to find creme de Violette, substitute it with another ideal element, creme Yvette. 

Level up with your party cocktail list with this one! It not only leaves you a bit tipsy but also makes you feel relaxed.