We don’t want you to stop. We want you to enjoy your delicious dream but with a small twist. How about saving the dream and eating healthy too? Don’t look so confused because everything is possible.  

We bring to you 5 tips to make a healthier burger of your dreams.  

  • Buns  

It only seems right to start with the top. Opt for whole-wheat or multi-grain buns. They have lesser calories and live up to your expectations too. You can also try an open-faced burger to cut down on more calories. And just in case you want to go completely healthy, replace the buns with a lettuce by wrapping all your fillings in it. We guarantee it’s not a bad idea.  

  • Patty  

The juicy and crunchy patty that you devour is fried in dollops of hot oil and hence, gives you that taste. On a healthier note, grilling would be better alternative to frying as it consumes less amount of oil.  

  • Meat  

The patty isn’t just about frying. The kind of meat you choose also adds to the calorie count. Leaner meats like chicken, turkey and fish are healthier than pork, mutton and bacon cuts. Moreover, a vegetarian chickpea patty can be a smarter choice over potato cutlets.  

  • Condiments  

Remember the cheese we talked about earlier. It’s time for the tough part. You could use feta or blue cheese or even cheddar, but if you really want to make a healthy choice at this point, you have to replace it with a heavy heart. But don’t worry, we won’t take the cheesy experience away as you can add mushroom sauce, mustard sauce etc. to fill the vacuum. If you are an egg lover, a poached egg would do the job well too.  

  • Veggies  

Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, what else you got? Avocado, sprouts and the list is endless. Fill up the burger with all the stock you’ve got in your kitchen and make it healthy.  

We promised not to spoil your dream and we didn’t! Go ahead and daydream about your healthy burger this time.