Before you even start your weight loss journey, your mind is crowded with all the things that can go wrong, the great ‘sacrifices’ you are going to have to make and ‘weight-loss vocabulary’ you would have to acquaint yourself with. Yes, you heard that right. You cannot be dieting? If you do not know of certain words like ‘calories’, ‘protein’, ‘carbs’ and ‘metabolism’ etc. And while it is good to be informed, you also need to be sure of the sources too. Take calories, for instance. Calories are just a unit of energy, if you do not take in minimum calories required for the day, your health is going to deteriorate sooner than you think. Calories do NOT make you fat, extra calories, on the other hand, may have a role to play. It is a simple logic, excess calories that the body is not able to burn through the day, end up being stored as fat.  

What Are Liquid Calories? 

Now, it is a good thing if you have thought of a diet for yourself, restricting those extra calories from all food sources but did you factor in the drinks? Liquid calories can make or break your weight-loss goals. Eating a salad is a good call, but pairing it with diet soda, or any sugary carbonated beverage, is a blunder. These sugary drinks, loaded with carbs and extra calories can wreck your plans.  

Having said that, one cannot rule out the importance of being hydrated during a diet either. Good hydration is essential for detox and digestion. If you are working out regularly, keeping yourself hydrated can actually prevent fatigue and improve your performance.  

What Should You Be Drinking 

Drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily. Nutritionists advise drinking up to eight glasses of water a day.  Drink up for your waistline, your skin, your digestion and your overall well-being. If the plain taste of water is getting too monotonous, add veggies or herbs like cucumber, mint, watermelon, or berries to your tumbler of water and drink up this 'infused' water. Spice waters or Kadha are a good option too. Not only are they good for your cold and cough, but the spices used in kadha could also actually boost your metabolism. 

Green tea minus milk and sugar is a storehouse of antioxidants and is also very low in calories. Something you can consider in your diet. Fresh, home-made juices, are not a bad idea either. Store-bought juices are devoid of essential fibres. At home, you can also be sure of the quality of fruits and vegetables used. 

So what are you waiting for? Drink up and make sure you pick the right kind of drink.