A healthy morning routine is one where you eat as soon as you wake up. Here are five negative impacts of skipping breakfast in the morning

1. Causes Weight Gain

If you think skipping breakfast will help you in losing weight, then you are wrong. It works the opposite. When people skip breakfast, they tend to eat too much during lunch and dinner, which is the reason for gaining weight.

Continuing to skip breakfast will eventually lead to weight gain because you exceed the recommended daily calorie intake by overeating during other meals.

2. Negatively affects metabolism

After a long overnight fast, when you skip breakfast in the morning, your body lacks the much-needed fuel to maintain an efficient metabolism. Instead of compensating for calorie restrictions, it slows down calorie burning.

3. Impacts your mood

Those who do not eat breakfast suffer from weak memory skills and a high level of fatigue. This will result in a bad mood, stress, and sometimes migraine.

4. Risk of cancer

If you skip breakfast, you will eat too much during the day. This in turn increases the chances of obesity. According to studies conducted by UK Cancer Research, an overweight or obese person has a higher risk of developing cancer.

5. Risk of diabetes

When you skip a morning meal, you reduce glucose tolerance. Breakfast helps regulate blood sugar in a healthy way, hence those who avoid breakfast face a higher risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

Next time, think twice before skipping your breakfast.