But you still can’t resist the dairy delight? No worries, we have 5 substitutes for you that will give you the right nutrition as well as the right taste.  

1. Almonds

This is a very popular choice among lactose-intolerant as well as vegans. Almond milk has a composition of almonds with the skin and water. The taste is light and mild yet sweet and works well for smoothies and shakes along with some chia seeds. Almond milk is low on carbs and calories and contains a certain amount of protein too.  

2. Oats

Oat milk is no different from cow milk in terms of quality. It is sweetened naturally and the basic components are oats and water. However, some add oil and salt to enhance the flavor. The taste is mild and it can be used in the same way in cooking like cow milk. As for the nutritional value, it contains a high amount of fiber which is good for gut health and also helps lower cholesterol.  

3. Peas

Milk from peas is quite a new addition to the family. It has a creamy texture and is a perfect substitute for vegans and lactose intolerant people. It is gluten-free too and contains Omega 3 Fatty acids along with a good amount of iron as well as Vitamin D.  

4. Soy  

A rich source of plant protein, soy milk is a great option since it contains half the amount of carbs and calories as compared to cow milk. This can be used very easily in sweet and savory dishes and usually has a mild taste.  

5. Coconut  

Coconut milk can be a great source of creamy and frothy smoothies and shakes. Apart from a great sweet taste and texture, it offers nutrition to the gut and has anti-inflammatory properties.  

NOTE: For including any of these substitutes in your diet, consult your doctor in order to avoid any other allergic reactions.