If you are someone who believes in the saying that “There’s nothing that a bowl of oatmeal can’t fix”, then you know the beauty of cramming down a bowl of oats. I mean, why shouldn’t you choose oats as your morning breakfast? Just 150 calories, balanced proteins, carbs, and fats in just a cup! Doesn’t this sound intriguing enough? Long story short, a bowl of oats is a superb breakfast choice. But are you eating your oats right? Are you able to retain all the nutrients to meet your fitness goals? Well, here are some mistakes that you might be doing which are a “no, no” if you want to gain maximum benefits from your oatmeal.

  1. Big Servings
    One can’t resist having an extra spoonful of delicious oatmeal and we get that. But is the extra spoonful benefitting your health as much as it is benefitting your palate? If you are on a calorie-deficit diet and having oats to meet your health goals, then one cup of cooked oats is enough to keep you full till lunch. Do not listen to your heart this one time to bulk your body up with extra calories.
  2. Too Much Sugar
    There’s no health benefit with too much fructose in it. If you want to have a healthy breakfast, do not add too much sugar to your oatmeal. Switch to flavourful substitutes like vanilla extract, a dash of cinnamon, or unsweetened cocoa powder to amp up your oatmeal.
  3. Not Enough Protein
    You won’t benefit from a healthy breakfast if you are planning to binge eat your favourite snacks an hour later. Most people make oats with just some fruits on top without adding a source of protein. You can yogurt, nut butter, nuts, and protein powder to pack your oatmeal with proteins to keep you full for longer.
  4. Too Many Toppings
    From chocolate chips to dried fruits, oatmeal comes with a variety of toppings. However, these toppings just bulk you up with unwanted, unhealthy carbs, fats, and artificial sugar. Substitute your regular toppings with fresh or frozen fruits, seeds, and nuts to pack nutrients instead of carbs and sugar.
  5. No Rolled Or Steel-Cut
    While instant oats are convenient, they are highly processed and don’t have as many nutrients as rolled or steel-cut oats. It is advised to switch to rolled or steel-cut to derive maximum health benefits.
  6. Flavoured Instant Oats
    We know it's all things nice to wake up in the morning without worrying about breakfast because you got a packet of instant flavoured oatmeal the other day. But do you know that these flavoured oatmeals are full of sugar? Switch to plain oats if you want to savour a bowl of nutrients and not sugar.
  7. Too Bland
    Are you the one who gives up eating oatmeal after eating it for a day? Possibilities are that you made it too plain with just milk and sugar. Oatmeal comes with a variety of delicious flavour combinations. From adding flavoured protein powder to a variety of healthy toppings, there are a plethora of ways to make your oatmeal delicious. Try them out to say “goodbye” to boring oats breakfast.

Are you still here? Go, and prepare a delicious bowl of oatmeal to savour the goodness of oats and fill your body with nutrients.