For those living under a rock, a cookie is a dough of wheat flour, sugar, butter and oil. This is then baked to form a nicely puffed circular treat. Now cookies have not been always accorded this special status. Earlier, they were just used to check the oven temperature. Bakers used to take a small part of the cake batter to place it in the oven and get the temperature right for the cake to rise and be fluffy. 

It was originally baked in Iran, in the 7th century A.D. In fact, sugarcanes were brought to the European land much by the travelers and finally cookies received their much deserved recognition and place in the world of baked goods. 

Today, you’ll find the glass shelves of bakeries stocked up with plenty of freshly baked cookies, from peanut butter to chocolate and more. Did we make you crave them? Don’t worry, here are some cookies you could bake and binge on this weekend; all under 30 minutes. 

1. Chocolate Brown Butter Cookies 

Prep Time: 27 minutes

Indulge in these chocolate cookies with a small caramel surprise. Loaded with a nice brown butter icing, you can enjoy this treat as much as you like. 

2. Maple Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 

Prep Time: 29 minutes

With the goodness of maple and the crunch of oatmeal, the raisins won’t make you miss sugar if you take a bite of this delight. 

3. Candy Cane Cookies 

Prep Time: 26 minutes

 Crushed candy finds its way into this soft and chewy batter, giving you the taste of happiness. 

4. Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Prep Time: 19 minutes

The subtle hint of mint leaves a refreshing after-taste just post that taste of the gooey choco chips.  

5. Air Fryer Breakfast Cookies 

Prep Time: 30 minutes


Chunky peanut butter with mashed ripe bananas kneaded into a cookie dough. Your morning couldn’t get any better!