The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the businesses adversely across the world. Hospitality sector has been one of the worst-hits sectors. Amid the Coronavirus scare, several countries imposed month-long lockdowns in the past one year that led to abysmally low profits for the restaurants. So now when countries have opened up and businesses and restaurants are trying to get back on their feet, a tip of about tip of $16,000 at a restaurant in New Hampshire by a kind patron indeed comes across as a kind gesture.  

The staff at Stumble Inn Bar & Grill in Londonderry, New Hampshire was recently in for a surprise when an anonymous diner left them a hefty tip. The incident came to light after the owner Michael Zarella took to social media to thank the diner while sharing a photo of the bill. It showed that diner left a tip of $16,000 - which amounts to somewhere around INR 11 lakh. Take a look: 


"Stumble inn had a very generous customer. We thank you for your generosity.", wrote Zarella in the caption. As per the bill, the tab was just about $37.93 for a couple of hot dogs, fried pickle chips and drinks. Speaking to local TV Channel, Zarella said that at first, he thought it was a typing mistake, but it was confirmed personally by the customer to the bartender. Recalling the entire incident, Zarella revealed that it was a regular day when the customer walked in and ordered a beer and a couple of chilli cheese dogs, along with pickle chips and a tequila drink. He then asked the bartender for bill, upon paying which he said, “Don't spend it all in one place.”, which made the bartender to see the bill immediately, only to be shocked upon seeing the amount. e then asked him if he was “kidding” to which he said “‘I want you to have it, you guys work hard.” He also revealed that the diner wants to remain anonymous.  

Zarella also revealed that a part of the money will be divided between the bartenders who have been doubling up as servers as well, while a portion of it will also go to the kitchen workers.  

The generous tip also garnered praises from netizens on social media. While one user on Facebook said, “That must’ve been some really good Patron”, another wrote “This is proof that decent people are out there!”