Avocado milk is actually made from avocados. But it's not what you think. The appearance might be deceptive as it gives a muddy green colour but the taste is undoubtedly amazing. Put your thinking caps on because we are about to tell you all about how it happened.  

Avocado Milk was born by accident  

Like most good things, avocado milk was the brainchild of an American lady, Nomura who ran an ad agency as business partners with her husband’s friend. While trying to make mayonnaise with avocado and milk, she realized that the consistency wasn’t very thick like mayo. That’s how she accidentally stumbled upon the idea of avocado milk. Following this, Terry Daly and Nomura decided to venture into this alternative milk industry with their newest discovery, avocado milk.  

There’s more than just avocado to it..  

During the testing phase, they realised that the milky and creamy texture of the milk of missing. They tried several combinations of milk and avocados. Finally, what worked out for them was oat milk. A balanced mix of avocados, honey, oat milk and lentil extract, avocado milk was there for the world to drink. The shelf life of this milk is approximately 11 months and that’s precisely why they make use of freeze-dried avocados.  

Try the different milky ways  

Avocado milk can be used just like your regular milk. Add it to your smoothies, make a cereal or drink it just like that. They have also introduced a chocolate variety which is cacao flavoured. It’ll make you feel no different from a creamy chocolate shake, except that its healthy.  

The crux is that whatever milky way yo choose to take, it’s only going to lead to one thing i.e., deliciousness.