Picture this: You are on a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala, enjoying the scenic beauty and waiting for your lunch. Just then a plate full of hot rice along with a steaming bowl of fish curry arrives in all its glory, isn’t that what foodie dreams are made up of? Kerala’s fish curries are extremely popular amongst those who love to feast upon the ‘gifts of the sea’. Being a coastal area, Kerala is brimming with unique fish recipes that are sure to impress every seafood lover. And it’s classic Alleppey fish curry is just one of those dishes that is sure to win you over in just one bite.

Alleppey fish curry is a spicy treat that comes packed with tang of tamarind and raw mango and makes for a wholesome treat when served with a steamed rice. Many South Indian curries boast of flavours of nutty coconut, splutter of mustard seeds and curry leaves, all of which is in abundance in Alleppey fish curry.

Also known as Thenga Paal Meen Curry or Paccha Manga Meen Curry, this fish curry packs goodness of coconut milk making it a luscious, thick treat that goes well with appams as well.

For the recipe, all you need to do is clean the fish well to get rid of all the smell. Fish does not need a long time to marinate, so you can simply add gram flour and salt all over it and keep it aside for no more than 15-20 minutes. It would not only remove the foul smell, clean the fish well but also lends a subtle flavour to it. Next, you simply need to toss the fish in a yummy curry made with tomato, onion, ginger, garlic, coconut milk, raw mango and a host of spices such as turmeric and red chilli powder. Cook for about 10 minutes and serve with rice or appam!

Find the full recipe of Alleppey Fish Curry here. Try this delicious treat at hone and let us know your experience.