Pasta is a universally loved food; it is so versatile that you can find so many different styles and types of pasta dishes from all around the world. Pasta bolognese is a heavenly-tasting Italian pasta, a remarkably delicious, comforting food you can eat at any time! Italian food is one of the tastiest and is admired globally because of its unique yet simple preparation style and methods. Italians always prefer to use olive oil to enrich their foods, instead of any other oil. The uniqueness of Italian cuisine lies in the simplicity it’s made with and of course the mouth-watering flavor. To begin with, pasta bolognese is made in a meat- based sauce known as bolognese. Perfectly seasoned with flavorful herbs such as thyme, oregano, basil, rosemary and a little bit of mint. On top of this, it’s drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. These simple ingredients make it all the more special and tastier.  

What exactly is Bolognese? 

Bolognese is an Italian meat-based sauce that takes hours to cook so one needs to be patient enough during cooking but the result is totally worth the time and effort. Bolognese sauce is made with an interesting, unusual blend of pork, ground beef, meat, tomatoes, onions, garlic and a mix of aromatic herbs. Meat is the secret ingredient that helps in bringing out the ultimate taste it’s known for.  

Pasta bolognese is traditionally eaten with tagliatelle which is a type of long and thin pasta. Tagliatella is yummy variety of pasta that too has its origin from Italy.   

The name ‘ bolognese’ comes from Italy's food city called ‘Bologna’. Bologna comes in the top most ravishing cities ranked way ahead of other Italian cities in terms of quality of life. Besides this pasta, bologna is famous for innumerable cuisines and dishes.

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