We all love indulging in a good old wine or sip some margheritas while on a beach. But if you are on diet, you’ll have to keep a check on your calories too. In this case, you don’t really need to skip drinking altogether and miss out on the fun. You just need to choose your drinks wisely and those extra calories stay clear from you.  

Often, it’s the mixers that add on to the sugar content of the drink. Drinking clear is a better alternative in such cases. Another tip is to stay hydrated throughout the day so that the drinking session doesn't leave you with an unrecoverable hangover. You can also opt for fresh citrus like lime juice in your cocktails as they work really well.  

Here are six alcoholic drinks that you sip without the worry of ditching your diet.  

1. Wine  

Source: Bubbly Gusti/Instagram 

It is a known fact that wine has tremendous health benefits, given the abundance of anti-oxidants and nutrients like iron and magnesium that it contains. Red wine contains about 100 calories per five ounces. However, canned wine contains a lot of sugar so beware.  

2. Vodka 

Source: Mbs Mancave/Instagram

You can opt for vodka shot which contains approx. 65-97 calories. Pair it with soda, which does not have any calories, or a fresh fruit and you are good to go. Also, it has zero carbs or sugar in it.  

3. Gin  

Source: Cocktail Alchemists/Instagram 

This is a little on the higher end of calories. So, if you are having a gin martini then it wouldn’t be more than 200 calories. However, if Gin and Tonic is your choice for the night then be ready for some high sugar rush because its loaded. Pop in some olives with the martini as they complement it really well.  

4. Rum  

Source: The Crusty Rim Cocktails/Instagram

Stay clear from all those extra calories with a glass of rum and some diet coke. You can pair it with soda too if you like but it won’t leave you with more than 97 calories. And it has zero carbs and sugar.  

 5. Light Beer 

ABV determines how much alcohol content is present in the alcoholic beverage you are about to consume. A light beer like Corona Light doesn’t have more than 99 calories. But if you opt for higher ABVs like Nevada, then it's going to take a toll on your diet.  

6. Whisky 

Again, this is a slightly heavier choice but having a whiskey shot with soda or just opting for the rocks won’t do much harm. It contains about 105 calories and the sugar and carbs measures up to 0.03 gms.