From gym trainers to nutritionists, everyone will tell you to cut down on your carbs, especially if you are on a weight loss spree.  

Well, with the invention of Slim rice, we think you have a chance. Let’s explore this new rice variety and whether it’s really worth the hype.  


What is Slim rice?  

It is rice, made from Konjac plant (this is the same plant that is used to make Shirataki noodles). Konjac is an Asian plant variety and is believed to contain lesser number of calories as compared to the white rice that we usually consume. The composition of slim rice is 97% water and the rest is the Konjac plant. Currently, it is being manufactured in the UK only and is staked at really high prices.  


How are they helpful in weight loss?  

Konjac is believed to have properties that suppress your hunger and make you feel full for a long time. Since slim rice is made from the same substance, the idea is that it will limit your portion of rice consumption along with controlling your appetite.  


What do health experts have to say about this?  

It is true that a 100 gms. packet of slim rice contains only 7.7 calories as opposed to 350 calories in the white Basmati rice. However, the fact that it suppresses your natural hunger does more harm than good. Research has suggested that though it can actually control blood sugar levels, eating slim rice means denying your body of several essential nutrients that contribute to proper and healthy functioning. Think of it as a processed item which can make you slim but may disrupt the normal and smooth system of your eating patterns etc.  


It is advised to eat white rice or even brown rice, in small controlled portions so that you can get the required nutrition along without affecting your weight loss.