I remember hearing the word Shahtoot for the first time during a Hindi class, back in school. It came up while we were reading one of our literature books. My teacher enlightened us with what the fruit was and how it did look and taste. Actor Siddharth’s recent tweet just got me thinking. 

In a recent Twitter activity, Actor Siddharth quote tweeted about the fruit mulberry and how it reminded him of his good old days. While the original tweet said, “Shahtoot. What do you call it?” by a user named @Afghanistan_5, it also had a picture of a streetside mulberry stall in that country. The actor who has the Bollywood movie, Rang de Basanti and several Telugu films to his name became nostalgic after reading this tweet. He was seen quote tweeting, “Mulberry? Used to get it off a tree in my school in Delhi. Called Shahtoot there too.” 

                Source: Actor Siddharth/Twitter 

Coming across this tweet and then reminiscing the good old days, I dug up a little and you would not believe what I found. This tiny and sweet grape-like fruit is actually a powerhouse of nutrients. Let’s talk about them one by one. 

1. Strengthens immunity 

It helps in keeping the immune system active and alert. The alkaloids are great for building immunity, not to forget the abundance of Vitamin C it provides. 

2. Minimizes risk of cancer 

Cancer-causing cells are taken care of by the mulberries. The resveratrol’s anti-cancer properties reduce the risk of developing several types of cancer like thyroid, prostate, skin etc. 

3. Provides strength to bones 

Consuming mulberries can be a great way to reduce chances to bone degradation as the Vitamin K, calcium and iron do their job of strengthening the bone tissues from within. 

4. Digestive benefits 

For a smooth and easy digestion, eat mulberries because they contain  dietary fiber which is helps to prevent constipation, bloating and other stomach-related troubles. 

5. Keeps blood sugar in check

Sugar patients, particularly those with Type II diabetes, would find a drastic improvement in their blood sugar levels by eating white mulberries. 

Now we’ve got all the reasons to embrace this nutritious fruit, haven’t you?