Can we ever have enough of mangoes? We think now. It is pretty obvious because who doesn't love mangoes? ‘The kings of fruits’ have reigned the fruit kingdom for time immemorial. This quintessential summer fruit is one of the most dominant tropical fruits to be consumed by people in India.Being such a versatile fruit, mangoes can pretty much be combined with anything such as pickles, chutneys, tarts, shakes, drinks and even ice creams etc. There was a time when in villages mangoes were picked from the trees itself because of the craze amongst villagers and children. In fact, even in cities and towns this is still common. Nowadays, there are countless food items made from the fruit that we can try. And we’ve got one of those dishes that you will never be able to resist! Experience happiness in each bite with aam papad. 

Are you wondering how to activate your happiness chemicals? We’ve brought for you mouth-watering aam papad that you can quickly make at home.



1. Take 500g mango pulp in a pan and add half a cup of concentrated sugar into it.  

2. Cook the same on a low-medium flame for around 20 minutes 

3. Now take a big plate and grease it with ghee. The mixture or the pulp that we’ve prepared has to be spread all over the plate. You can also use a plastic sheet instead.  

4.. Keep it in sunlight for 2-3 days 

5. Homemade Aam papad will be ready! 

Weekends in summers call for the most delightful scintillating aam papad, perfect to relax with your loved ones!