Before we tell you about an amazing heavenly chocolate- mango tart, let’s first get into some history of it. Tarts were originally invented in France and have been loved all around the world ever since. They are sweet, a bit crispy and full of decadence! Our chocolate-mango with a fine base of biscuits consisting of the two delicious layers of topping will leave you in wonders because trust me this will be the best juicy ride of your lifetime. We all know that mangoes remain one of the most favourite fruits during summers. Adding it with chocolate would be the best duo to ever exist. A perfect dessert to eat with your perfect family and friends! 


Ingredients - 

  1. 200 g - biscuits (any biscuit will do) 

  2. 75g melted butter 

  3. 2 big Mango pulp  

  4. 200g - Melted chocolate  

  5. Nuts for garnishing.            

Method for preparation- 

  1. First, crush or grind the desired biscuits in a mixer grinder. 

  2. After it’s smoothly crushed, mix it with melted butter. 

  3. Take a baking dish/ pan and grease it with fine butter and set the mixture of biscuits and butter in the dish. 

  4. Take the fresh mangoes and take out its pulp. After, on a low frame cook the mangoes for about 10-15 mins. 

  5. Once the mango pulp becomes thick, layer it on top of the already existing crushed biscuit layer. 

  6. Now, take a double boiler pan, put the grated chocolate and melt it further. Once it’s fully melted, quickly set it on top of mango topping. 

  7. Garnish the tart with walnut/hazelnut/cashew nut. 

  8. Refrigerate the tart for 2-3 hours.  After it cools down, ready to serve and eat.

With the crunch of every bite, smooth double layers of topping, fresh smell of juicy mangoes and a tart baked to perfection. What more could you possibly ask for? This chocolate mango tart is going to find a special place in your heart!