What is this obscure term that has been in the spotlight for so many years? 

Let's find out.  

You are right to guess that Schnapps is a beverage that originated in Germany. Two, it can be drank neat, or mixed in a cocktail. But did you know that there are so many other interesting things about Schnapps? It is a drink that may find a lot of fans, once you know more.


In Europe, schnapps is worshipped since it’s got a clean taste. By “clean”, we mean that you may not have tasted something like this anywhere else. It cannot be compared to anything else because it is so unique and refreshing. In very simple terms, schnapps basically means fruit that is added to a spirit and fermented.

Schnapps is so pure, simple and yet so delicately pronounced in flavour. It is supposedly believed that schnapps is preferred over medicine to cure stomach and digestion problems. We wouldn’t be surprised if that’s really true. Europeans swear by it. 

It’s also very popular at college parties. Often, schnapps is favoured over hard drinks such as vodka. That is not to say that schnapps is not a strong alcoholic drink too. The fruity flavours of green apple, pear, plum, passionfruit and so on make this an incredible choice! The best schnapps do not contain any added sugar.

Schnapps is positioned as a drink that can be enjoyed safely by families and friends. But well, it is also one of the drinks preferred by soldiers in Inglorious Basterds. Remember that scene in which the German soldier ordered Schnapps for his friends. Although Inglorious Bastards depicts an alternate history and the events are fictional, the scene showing the soldiers drinking Schnapps wasn’t a marketing gimmick to promote the drink. Schnapps has been known to exist since the 18th century.

Schnapps is often called fruit brandy or a lightly-flavoured vodka. Do make sure you try it sometime!