A whole lifetime may seem less to appreciate the sheer richness and layers of South Indian cuisine. South India has about four states and two union territories, and each state has its own culinary legacy- but if there is one snack that is ubiquitous to all these regions is the humble dosa. Dosa is a crisp, crepe-like dish. Made with fermented batter of rice or lentil, dosa comes in various shapes and sizes and are typically served with chutney and sambhar. Here are 6 of the iconic dosas, you must try once in your life.

1. Mysore Masala Dosa: Even if you have not tried it, you have heard about it. This classic dosa is said to have been originated in the state of Mysore Karnataka. Ooodles of butter, spices, onions, paneer, make the ‘masala’ stuffing of this dosa, one of the richest ever.   

2. Ney Dosa: The highlight of the dosa is its texture. Since it is roasted in ghee (‘Ney’ means ghee), it has an inimitable rich, velevety and melt-in-your mouth quality about it.   

3. Pesarattu: All the fitness enthusiasts out there, this dosa will shackle all your pre-conceived notion of Indian food being all things 'greasy and unhealthy'. This Andhra-special dosa is made with green gram, making it one of the richest sources of protein in South Indian cuisine. It has a signature green colour, you can pair it with sambhar for addition protein and fibre.  

4. Cheese Dosa: With time, our tradtional dosas have got many fancy makeovers-cheese dosa is certainly one of the fusion experiments we approve of. Crisp, plain dosa stuffed with sinful chilli cheese-melt. Slurping, already?  

5. Set Dosa: These dosas are comparatively much smaller in size, like that of a regular chapati. They're also made with fermented batter that comprises goodness of both urad dal and rice. Top them off with ghee and podi masala (or gun powder), serve with side of chutney and you are sorted for the day.  

6. Neer Dosa: 'Neer' is another word for water. This dosa is so incredibly thin and crisp, that it seems like it is made with splashes of water. Neer Dosa is of pristine white colour and not necessarily of round shape. 

How many of these have you actually tried?