Cooking is a therapeutic activity for a few but most people indulges in this daily duty for the sake of their stomach. Cooking food at home is a healthier choice compared to eating out. Therefore, we need to motivate each other to prepare our meals on our own. In this everyday journey, we can lend our helping hands to you by making you aware of certain easy kitchen hacks that can make cooking a bit easy and enjoyable task. Let’s know what these tricks are.

How to Peel Eggs Faster?

After taking out the eggs from the boiler or hot water crack each of them and put these in cold water. Try peeling off the eggs’ shell after 5 minutes.

How to Make Soggy Chips Look Fresh And Eatable Again?

Exposure to water or humid air makes chips soggy. In this case, you can put them on top of a napkin and cover them with another napkin. Then, put your chips inside a microwave for at least 30 seconds. Your chips are crispy and good to eat now.

How to Prevent Diced Potatoes From Turning Brown?

All you need to do is put them in cold water right after cutting. This will prevent the release of starch that makes them oxidized and turn brown.

How to Increase Life of Bananas?

The major reasons behind ripening of bananas are the release of ethylene gases from their stem. You can prevent this by wrapping the end of the banana bunch using plastic wrap.

How to Speed up Ripening of Green Bananas

This can be done by keeping all the bananas in a paper bag. When kept together in a bag, concentrated ethylene gas speeds up the ripening process.

How to Prevent Hardening of Brown Sugar

To keep your brown sugar soft, you can put the crusty rock of sugar in a microwave next to a glass of water. Doing this will release moisture in the microwave and as a result, your sugar block will break up.