For the past 7 months, Pune is my home. And, one of the most delicious things that have happened to me here is Misal pav. Yes, that’s the charm of this hot, spicy, and flavourful dish of Maharashtra. Misal pav consists of a spicy curry made of moth beans and pav. The curry has two types namely ussal (the thick mixture) and rassa (the watery gravy). It is believed to be originated in regions between Khandesh and Western Maharashtra which happens to be the present-day areas of Nashik and Ahmednagar. This popular street food is a staple of Maharashtra and has several variants. There is a region-wise classification of misal pav. Every region claims its version to be the original one. But, why would we be bothered about that? If you are a foodie, you should be just happy with the fact that you can get to taste different varieties of misal pav, a breakfast or snack dish. Let’s tell you straightaway about the different versions of this Maharashtrian delicacy.

Puneri Misal

Puneri misal is medium spicy and its ussal is usually topped with diced potato, sev chiwda, onions, chopped coriander and lemon juice. It tastes a bit tangy.

Nasik Misal

If you are in Nasik and thinking of gorging on its misal pav, be ready to sweat and keep a bottle of cold water handy. Why? That’s because Nasik misal is known to be too spicy. Its green or black rasa is topped with onion, coriander, and sev. The green gravy is usually high on black pepper while the black one contains green chilli and coriander. 

Nagpuri Misal

Nagpuri misal is quite different from the usually eaten one. It includes moth bean gravy with kande pohe. The misal is topped with grated coconut. 

Kolhapuri Misal

The secret to this delicious misal is the use of onion and garlic masala. This spicy curry is topped with farsan and diced onions. 

Khandeshi Misal

This hot and spicy affair is popular in the north-western region of Maharashtra. It is black and made with dried coconut, coriander powder, onions, and garam masala. 

Are these versions of misal pav drool-worthy? If yes, then you know what to do next.