Don’t believe us? Well, we are about to break the shackles of the conventional food careers by introducing to you some of the most unusual food jobs across the globe that you NEVER KNEW EXISTED! 

1. Dog taster  

Just like humans, dogs love their food too. But how do we know whether the food that they are eating is actually tasty? That’s why we have dog food tasters. Don’t worry, the food is made with such ingredients that is totally safe for us to try.  

2. Forager  

If you have a good sense of what is the right kind of meat, cheese and other veggies to be used in each dish, then you are capable of becoming a forager. You’ll have to source the raw fresh food for the restaurant that hires you, keeping a check on the quality and having a great knowledge of what is available where. Good contacts in that are a plus point.  

3. Fortune cookie writer  

It’s okay if you don’t know how to bake because we won’t ask to you bake cookies. Are you familiar with the concept of fortune cookies? The one-liner motivations wrapped up in the cookie, adding to its sweetness. Put your creative caps on and scribble some cute little notes because you are a fortune cookie writer.  

4. Chewing Gum Tester  

Ever thought that your biggest pet peeve could become your profession? Several gum brands are hiring chewing gum testers to help them get the flavor right. A chomper like you can actually be useful for the marketing team to research and come up with better ideas.  

5. Chocolate explorer


If your childhood dream was to live in a house of made of chocolate, then you’ve found your dream job. But it isn’t a child’s play. Your role as a chocolate explorer will involve traveling to faraway places, in search of the best chocolate beans. So, stop eating chocolates and start researching on them.  

 Which one fascinated you the most?