A lot of people will agree that sticky food such as those honey wings, is really the best food. The honeyed flavour which shines through the cooking is irresistible, and the glossy glaze has our heart. It is a chef’s favourite way to make food look good too…and we totally support it. We are so obsessed with sticky foods. We thank whoever was responsible for inventing these dishes. Check them out -   


You’ll remember the caramelised glaze on these wings, and if the meat is juicy — there’s nothing like it! Absolutely mouthwatering! The smiles on our faces when we see wings that are dripping with a sweet sauce…cannot explain!   


Aromatic, simply flavourful and yet so sticky. Feel free to pop the whole thing in your mouth to avoid the mess when you’re in a hurry.  

Photo: Yosep Sugiarto


A lot of people in Thailand have grown up eating this classic dessert, which is sold in streets and even restaurants. The overall taste is creamy, thanks to the addition of milk. But it is made with sticky rice too, and what makes rice sticky is the absence of amylose.  

Photo: Markus Winkler


This is a classic British dessert. The addition of dates lends one of the richest flavours in puddings. Sticky toffee pudding is very sweet; hence it is on this list!  


Photo: Drew Taylor

Orange chicken is a Chinese-American dish that is coated in a tangy orange sauce. The flavour is sweet, but depending on how you make it, the stickiness and sweetness can be balanced out, too.  

Sticky foods will never go out of fashion. We cannot stop ourselves from ordering a side of wings, can we? What is your favourite sticky food?