Here the leaves are purely consumed unlike the green tea where the leaves are infused with water and then removed. Let’s look at some health benefits that matcha tea has to offer.  

1. Heart disease risks

Since heart diseases are a high-risk factor for many today, it has been observed that consumption of green tea and matcha tea can significantly reduce any such risks. It is also proven to help in reducing the bad cholesterol.  

2. Antioxidants  

Matcha offers abundant natural antioxidants which help in minimizing damage to cells from free radicals. The catechins present in matcha are also good to avoid any chronic diseases. This is because matcha tea contains the real tea leaves which are consumed entirely when drinking tea.  

3. Blood pressure, cancer and more  

Apart from heart-related illnesses, matcha tea has a good effect on your blood pressure too, keeping it in check as well as reducing the risk of developing cancer. Population-based studies have shown that people who consumed green tea for long experienced a drop in their blood pressure levels.  

4. Metabolism and weight loss  

Green tea, particularly matcha tea contains the green tea extract which helps in weight loss. This is because the extract boosts your metabolism that enables the fat burning process. This in turn results in reduced weight. 

5. Brain Functioning  

While caffeine is generally considered harmful, the amount of caffeine in matcha tea is safe for consumption. Infact, it is believed to improve the brain function along with memory and retention.   

NOTE: These health benefits are based on general population studies. Clinical trials are yet to be performed. Please consume match tea after a doctor’s consultation, in case you suffer from allergies and other chronic problems.