A hot plate of meat along with flavoured rice is something that is hard to resist. Be it a Sunday brunch or a celebration, every feast seems incomplete without a biryani. If we are on the subject on biryani, it wouldn’t be fair to not talk about the Mughals who actually gave the biryani its current form. From Persia, present-day Iran, the plate was passed on and trickled down to us Indians.

 We have host of biryanis to choose from today, chicken, mutton, fish, prawns, egg and even vegetable and paneer biryani. All these hail from different parts of the country, the most popular ones being Hyderabadi, Lucknowi and Kolkata biryani. If you are a true biryani lover, you wouldn’t hesitate from trying out some offbeat varieties, right? Here is a curation of biryanis from around the world waiting for you to taste. 

1. Sindhi Biryani 

Partition divided the lands but food still holds a strong connect in the hearts of both Indians and Pakistanis. This Sindhi biryani is proof. A Pakistani favourite, this aromatic rice is loaded with spicy meat and vegetables that lends it a beautiful flavour and fragrance. 

2. Berian 

Taking us back to the land of origin, this biryani is the OG of all biryanis today. So much so that the word biryani is derived from this Persian word, berian. It refers to the process of frying before cooking because the rice is fried in lots ghee before the meat. Iranians love their Berian with nuts, raisins and prunes. Never thought biryani could be sweet affair! 

3. Nasi Kebuli 

Indonesia is not far behind in this race of biryanis. Theirs is called Nasi Kebuli and is quite a rich ghee biryani with a side of tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. Seems like the ideal biryani for fitness freaks. 

4. Dan Pauk 

Taking inspiration from the traditional Dum Phukt, Dan Pauk is the Burmese version of biryani and very similar in taste to the Hyderabadi style. 

5. Sri Lankan Biryani 

With great proximity to South India, Sri Lankan biryani is a case of coconut milk and cashew paste. Rich South Indian flavours come out beautifully through this dish. 

Biryani overload? No worries, we’ve got some yum biryani recipes for your weekend binge.