If a dash of spice is all you need to amp up a regular meal, you are at the right place, if you are someone who, at the mention of spicy food, say ‘bring it on’, welcome aboard! Because here we have 7 of the spiciest delicacies of the world that a spice-lover should dare to try! Spices not only add a zing of flavour but also gives it the much-needed boldness, this is exactly why you would always choose a spicy dish over a bland regular meal, if you were given a choice.  

So, if you are someone who loves to challenge your taste buds, we dare you to try these 7 spicy dishes from across the world! Be it the chicken wings rich in sauces or a one-pot meal packed with Sichuan pepper in China, you have to add them to your bucket-list today!

1. Jerk Chicken, Jamaica 

One of Jamaica’s most popular delicacies, Jerk chicken is a mix of sweet, tangy and outright spicy flavours that are sure to set your taste buds on fire! No wonder restaurants have challenges to finish a bucket of Jerk chicken! This iconic dish has key ingredients such as habanero peppers and all-spice, along with cloves, scallions, nutmeg, thyme, and garlic.


2. Phaal Curry, Indian Restaurant In England 

Curries of Indian cuisine can often get super spicy and phaal curry is perhaps the best example of it. Packed with a whole lot of peppers, including the scotch bonnet, habanero, and ghost peppers, phaal curry was invented by chefs of an Indian restaurant somewhere in Birmingham as per popular notion.


3. Sichuan Hot Pot, China 

One of the hottest cuisines from China, Sichuan cuisine’s hot pot has pepper oil broth tossed in with garlic, onion, and Sichuan peppers with meat, vegetables and mushrooms. If the hot pot soup doesn’t make you break into a sweat, the fluttering spices would!  

4. Pork Vindaloo, Portugal 

Much like the phaal curry, vindaloo, influenced by the Portuguese flavours is all things blazing and hot! In Portuguese cuisine, pork is preserved in red wine, but in India it is usually swapped it with palm vinegar, tossed it with red pepper and ghost pepper for that extra dose of spice.


5. Otak Otak, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia 

A grilled seafood cake made of ground fish, tapioca starch, and spices, wrapped inside a banana leaf, Otak translates to 'brain' in Indonesian and Malay which is due to its quirky appearance. And what makes it to the list of spicy delicacies is the spice mix  that includes belacan and galangal.


How many of these delicacies have made you gasp for your breath!?