The largest state of the country is sure to have an even larger menu to offer, makes sense right? We’ve known the Rajasthani food for their spices, their rich flavours and luscious curries. While vegetarian food is quite prevalent in most households, we cannot turn away our heads from the vibrant curries that the region is replete with. Along with a long history of Maharajas and royal culture, the culinary artiste of the state is also something that needs to be talked about more often. 

Street food items like mirchi vada and dishes like gatte ki sabzi and dal baati churma are definitely on your radar when you are in one of the Rajasthani cities.  However, it is the non-vegetarian dishes that will win your heart over, especially if you are a hard-core non-vegetarian. 

1. Lal Maas 

The absolute stunner of any Rajasthani palate is the Lal Maas. This mutton curry gets its vibrant red colour from the generous use of red chilies in its preparation. This dish is sure to turn up the heat for you so be careful. Enjoy it with rice or bajre ki roti. 

2.  Banjari Gosht 

Taking inspiration from the name, Banjari Gosht is another favourite mutton curry from the Rajasthani cuisine. The succulent mutton pieces are tempered with spices that have been coarsely ground instead of using a smooth paste. 

3. Junglee Maas 

Mutton seems to be a favourite in the desert land. Which is why they have this rustic maas recipe which is only about spices and ghee. The slight tanginess is what gives this recipe an edge over others. 

4. Bhuna Kukda 

With the simple turmeric and salt marination, the chicken is tossed in the pan with bay leaves, garlic cloves and red chillies. The minimum use of spices lets the chicken cook in its own flavour. 

5. Murgh Salaan Tonk Style 

Another minimalistic preparation kind of chicken curry, this Murgh Salaan Tonk style lends a very rustic flavour to the whole dish. 

While mutton dominates the scene, chicken curries have also carved a niche in the arid lands of the desert region.