Onam is just a few days away and we know it's time to have a feast on freshly cut banana leaves for South-Indian states. Apart from all the exciting prospects of Onam, Onam Sadhya is something that everyone waits impatiently for. Sadhya, meaning “banquet” is a multi-course meal comprising of about 30 dishes is served on a banana leaf on the day of Onam. The authentic cooking, serving, and eating style is what makes Sadhya even more special. Here are 5 delicacies that you must include in your Onam Sadhya this year.  

  1. Pulissery
    A dish found in almost every Malayali household, Pulissery is made with ash gourd and cucumber. The subtle flavour of the spiced buttermilk along with coconut makes Pulissery a perfect accompaniment for rice and roti and is an important dish of the Onam Sadhya.  
  2. Pachadi
    A yogurt-based dish made with coconut and pineapple is a true flavour bomb. Spiced with chillies and authentic south spices, Pachadi is a treat to your taste buds with all kinds of flavours exploding in your mouth.  
  3. Thenga Choru
    Rice being a staple food in South India, a Sadhya is incomplete without Thenga Choru. Tangy rice with curry leaves and mustard seeds tempering and chopped coconut, this dish goes well with most South-Indian curries.  
  4. Avial
    Avial is a traditional Kerala dish made with 13 types of vegetables and seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. With a piece of raw mango added to it, Avial is a tangy curry served generously over rice in a Sadhya.

  5. Paal Payasam
    No multi-course meal is complete without a dessert and Paal Payasam is a perfect dessert to end a meal. A rice kheer enriched with the goodness of cashews and raisins, Paal Payasam is something that no South Indian can deny to devour. 

Include these 5 dishes in your Onam Sadhya and you are up for a feast.