For a healthy start, you need to drop the technology for at least half an hour. Try a change of scene: Instead of your illuminated phone screen, open your eyes to witness the natural sunlight as the first thing that falls on your pupil.  


Here are 5 food-related morning rituals that you can incorporate into your routine to set the tone for a healthy day.  


1. Oil Pulling  

After waking up, grab a spoonful of coconut oil and swish in your mouth fir about 15-20 minutes. This is an Ayurvedic ritual that is believed to heal several health-related problems apart from dental hygiene.  


2. Hot Water  

Take a few minutes to sit outside in your balcony/verandah or simply by your window where you feel closer to nature. Grab a glass of warm water and sip it while you enjoy the natural sunlight and breeze touching your face. Hot water is supposed to help you clear your toxins and make your digestive system smoother.  


3. Fresh juice  

Instead of getting that instant bout of energy from your caffeine or tea, prep for some fresh fruit juice or a veggie smoothie like kale and avocados. This is super filling, energizing and does not have any preservatives like the packaged drinks. This keeps you active anf hydrated throughout the day.  


4. Protein breakfast  

Generally, you shouldn’t skip breakfast, even when you are in hurry. Working on an empty stomach is not a good idea. So, you can prepare a protein-rich breakfast that is healthy and hassle-free. Eggs, oats, quinoa, ragi etc. are really good options that can be ready in a few minutes and keep you fuller for long.  


5. Mid-meal snacks  

We all feel that sudden urge to eat something in-between meals at some point or another. Take a few minutes after breakfast to prepare a quick snack, especially if you have to go to work. Pack some granola bars, oats and ragi cookies or just make a small salad box with freshly chopped veggies that are crunchy.  


Follow these practices for a fresh and healthy morning every day