If you were to take a trip down the memory lane, you would recall the time when Persia was in a Muslim conflict. History witnessed several Zoroastrians fleeing from Iran in search of refugee and finally decided to settle in India along the west coast. These refugees are the present-day Parsis who managed to curate a fine cuisine of their own with inputs from Gujarati, Iranian, Maharashtrian and the British.  

Today, this is popularly known as the Parsi cuisine. The lavish feasts and diverse flavours is what makes them stand out among the plethora of cuisines of the Indian subcontinent. So, are you excited to explore the gastronomic delights that Parsis have to offer? Let’s not keep you waiting and dive right into it.  

1. Chicken Farcha  

The first look at this dish would remind you of a crispy fried chicken. But as soon as you take the first bite, the Parsi marinade of spices start to speak for themselves. You can enjoy this delicious appetizer with a pudina and coriander chutney.  

2. Sali Murghi  

This spicy murghi (chicken) recipe will take you on a masala trail with its tender chicken dipped in a delectable combination of spices. The highlight of the dish are the potato shreds that are fried and used for garnishing the Sali Murghi.  

3. Patra Ni Machhi  

Decoding the dish by it’s name? You are doing it right. The macchi i.e. fish is wrapped up in banana leaves and steamed. The marination is what makes the dish so tempting, with a combination of coconut chutney, a hint of lime juice and some Parsi spices. The fish is so soft and flavorful that it will melt in your mouth.  

4. Sali Keema  

The mutton keema is spruced up in a Parsi way. The minced meat is prepared with ginger-garlic paste and served in a thick tomato and onion gravy. The best part is the potatoes on top which are deep-fried and complement the keema so well.  

5. Lagan Nu Custard  

An epic dessert of the Parsi fare, lagan nu custard is nothing short of a sweet lovers’ paradise. The creamy texture and the nutty tit-bits make it a perfect dish for any celebration, be it New Year or weddings.  

Is your mouth watering already? Well, there’s meat and potatoes all over so we don’t blame you!