Picture a plate of chole bhature without onion rings on the side, or your favourite kebabs, served without onions and green chutney. Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? It is difficult to imagine an Indian kitchen without onions. And no, that’s not just due to its ability to spruce up just about anything from a bland dal to aromatic gravies, but also because of its many benefits. Didn’t our grandmothers put handful of onions on our plate during peak summer season?  

Brimming with various nutrients including fibre and protein, onions are known to have cooling properties too. Here are 5 more incredible benefits of onion that would make you add it to your daily diet! 

1. Build Immunity 

With a generous amount of vitamin C content, onions also have phytochemicals, they help our body build immunity.  

2. May Prevent Cancer 

As per multiple studies, quercetin, a powerful compound found in onions has been said to have a role in preventing cancer, especially stomach and colorectal cancers. 

3. Heart Health 

Onions are said to lower the production of LDL (bad cholesterol) and keep your heart healthy. Remember to not go overboard without expert consultation in case of severe cholesterol or blood pressure issues. 

4. Manage Blood Sugar Levels 

Another compound called chromium present in onion is said to manage blood sugar levels and can benefit those with diabetes. 

5. Skin & Hair Health 

Due to the presence of vitamin C, onion has been deemed as a great remedy for hair and skin related problems since vitamin C helps formation of collagen. While one can directly apply chopped/grated onion on skin and hair, drinking onion water regularly may do wonders for hair fall and skin problems like inflammation and acne. 

You can juice onions, toss them up in salads or make sandwiches too!