You give us an egg and we’ll give you 63538 ways to work with it. That is how confident and ‘at home’ we feel with eggs. It is easy to work with, it is almost, always present in our kitchens and it sits so well with our Indian style of cooking, ingredients and everything. Which is perhaps why every corner of the country is synonymous with at least one classic egg delicacy. Here we raise a toast to five such dishes that are real show-stealers in every way.

1. Dimer Devil

The Bengali cousin of scotch eggs, this loaded dish is made by coating boiled eggs in a mixture of keema, spices and sauces. It is deep fried, before it is cut in half and served with the side of some salads and the ever-so pungent kasundi sauce (mustard sauce).

2. Eggs Kejriwal

Bearing no connection whatsoever with Delhi’s chief Minister, egg Kejriwal are simply eggs on toast. Eggs fried with a layer of cheese, chillies and herbs placed atop a toasted bread. Sometimes you can throw in some boiled mushrooms in the mix. The dish was named after a wealthy, Mumbai-based aristocrat named Devi Prasad Kejriwal in the 1960s who used to order his eggs with very specific instructions.

3. Anda Paratha

A simple, fuss-free recipe. Egg beaten on a paratha, cooked on both sides until brown. This is one of the reasons why breakfasts in India can never be boring.

4. Egg Bonda

If you are from South India, you are not untouched by the sensation of ‘bonda’. A bonda is a deep-fried potato snack coated with besan and filled with a spicy mix of mashed potatoes. In egg bonda, potatos are replaces with a boiled egg resulting in a massive burst of flavours.

5. Anda Curry

What do you do when you have all the ingredients to make a fabulous curry, but no vegetables or meat to bulk it up. Simple, you throw in a boiled egg and called it your own ‘anda curry’. There are no rules to anda curry, you can make it hot or mellow, thick or soothing- just make sure to keep it fun.5 Iconic Egg Dishes From India That Spell Sheer Indulgence 

So, which among these dishes are you tempted to try today?