Sun, sand and beach! Isn’t that all one needs for a vacation? And perhaps this is precisely why Goa is a hotspot of tourists from across the world. Known to be the party capital of India, Goa isn’t just known for its famous beaches, forts and parties but also for its food, which has made its mark as one of the most diverse, different and strongly influenced by other cultures. No wonder Goan cuisine is highly addictive! It attributes the rich flavour and diversity to Portuguese food since they lived there for almost 450 years. 

And the result is a potpourri of flavours, including that of beef, pork, cashews, jaggery and a host of seafood delicacies that are too hard to resist! Goa has a taste of Portuguese in everything from prawn curry to vindaloo, chicken xacuti, and decadent bebinca. The use of extensive spices and coconut and a variety of bread is proof of that.

So here we have 5 of the best Goan recipes that you must try! 

1. Goan Vindaloo 

Perhaps the most popular dishes from Goa, 'Vin' in the vindaloo stands for vinegar and 'Chloe, pronounced and written as 'aloo', means garlic. The dish is made by sautéing meat and potatoes with a fiery authentic masala, full of chillies, cumin, clove and peppercorns!  

2. Goan Chicken Xacuti 

A stellar coconut-based chicken curry, chicken xacuti boasts a host of spices cooked together with chicken and finished with coconut milk. A chicken lover wouldn’t like to miss this one  

3. Goan Prawn Fry 

A perfect starter that you can prepare at the comfort of your home to relive your vacation at the beach! Goan prawn fry is a burst of flavours laced around succulent prawns. From turmeric, red chilli to tamarind, you are in for a complete surprise of spices!  

4. Bebinca 

End your meals with a sweet treat from Goa! Bebinca has layers of cake made with coconut milk, eggs, butter, and flour is a definite must-try, which is sure to satiate your sweet tooth.  

5. Goan Fish Curry

A spicy, tangy and delicious blend of fish, tamarind, coconut, red chilli and other spices results in an absolute delight of a curry!