It’s already 9 and your cab is waiting outside. You take a shower, get ready and all set to lock the door when you suddenly remember that you haven’t had breakfast. You quickly run inside, grab a spoon and munch on few tablespoons of cereal or just grab a cup of cappuccino on your way to your office. While all this is happening, you see your healthy eating goals go in vain. And this is definitely not the first time it’s happening. Do you find yourself in such a situation often? Do your goals also get postponed because your work schedule takes priority? If yes, then it’s high time for you to start meal prepping. Meal prepping involves preparing the ingredients and components of your meal ahead of time so that you won’t compromise your health due to work. So, to make your meal prep easy for you, we have curated five breakfast ideas that will sort the most important meal of your day. Check them out. 

Breakfast Bowls

Do you think breakfast bowls come to your rescue only on a lazy weekend? If you do, then start adding them to your weekdays too to see what a gamechanger it can be. Prep, add and store six portions of breakfast bowls on weekend to sort your week’s breakfast. You can either make them savory with cheese, eggs and potatoes or make them sweet with fruits, cereal and nuts. Grab a bowl, add everything together and you are good to go.  


Enjoy a healthy, refreshing and wholesome breakfast for a week by adding a pudding to your meal prep. Make a pudding and store it in the fridge to make your breakfast easy-peasy lemon squeezy.  

Breakfast bars

Bake some cereal protein-rich bars on the weekend to have a grab-and-go breakfast for the entire week ahead. Along with being delicious and crunchy, these bars will make you enjoy your breakfast guilt-free.


Chop and prep your smoothie ingredients and add them to a zip-top bag on the weekend to enjoy a creamy breakfast for the week. You can also freeze your smoothie in ice trays. Plop some cubes in a glass, add some milk and drink away. You can try the smoothie recipe below to have a delicious yet healthy breakfast smoothie every day of the week.  

Egg wraps

Make either sweet or savoury egg wrap by filling them with ingredients of your choice. Filled with essential nutrients, these wraps will keep you full for longer along with filling your palate with delicious flavours. Cut, chop and keep all ingredients in the fridge, then grab a roti or tortilla, throw in the sauces and veggies and chomp away.

Try incorporating these ideas into your meal prep to no more compromise on your meals on weekdays. Refer to the embedded recipes to make your work easier.