Just like obesity, being underweight is also an issue. It can be a sign of an underlying disease or condition. And, not addressing that may cause a long-term health-related problem. People who are constantly losing weight or who are underweight may develop osteoporosis, experience infertility, and developmental delays.

Overweight individuals may be thinking that gaining weight is easy, what’s full of struggle is losing it. However, they are mistaken. When trying to increase the amount of fat in the body, you need to make sure that the actions taken by you are safe. Certain exercises or food items can take a toll on your overall health and lead to the accumulation of bad cholesterol. Here, we talk about a few foods that are extremely nutritious and rich in calories. Having them throughout the day in small intervals can increase your appetite and help you get rid of your underweight situation.


It is an excellent source of “complete protein” and can help you effectively build muscle. During a research published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, scientists found that drinking skim milk post a resistance training workout can help you build muscle effectively. Also, milk offers you fat, carbohydrates, minerals, calcium and vitamins too.


This staple Indian food is rich in carbohydrates, which is considered good for gaining weight. Have rice with some green veggies and dal for a wholesome weight-gaining meal.

Red Meat

Red meat is not only a good source of protein but contains a good amount of fat too. Also, it is rich in nutrients namely leucine and creatine. These are known to play an important role in building muscle mass. Apart from gaining weight, red meat is also good for your heart health.


Nuts are a nutritional powerhouse. Having nuts as a snack can offer you various health benefits. Eating them regularly is a safe way to gain weight.

Protein Shake

If you are trying to gain some kilos, you need to workout too. And, post exercising, you should have a protein shake. This will help in muscle building. Notably, do not consume premade shakes. Instead, prepare your own at home using fruits and milk.