Haven’t we all heard from health experts about the importance of fibre in our diet? From strengthening our health to filling us with energy fibre plays many roles in our body. But what is fibre exactly? Dietary fibre, also known as roughage, is a portion of plant-based food that is not easily broken down by the enzymes present in the human digestive system. It ultimately works with our cells in the colon area and digestive tract as fuel to keep them healthy. A diet rich in fibre basically prevents digestion-related problems including constipation, and aids in weight loss too. Fibre also helps in keeping heart healthy and reduces the risk of stroke besides regulating blood sugar levels.  

Here are 5 foods that you can include in your diet to make it fibre-rich:

1. Banana

One of the most commonly available fruits throughout the world, banana packs-in a lot many nutrients including a rich amount of fibre. As per experts, banana is particularly rich in a type of soluble fibre called pectin, which is linked to decreasing cholesterol and lipids in the blood. It relieves constipation and promotes satiety. You can eat banana as is or make a smoothie or shake with it for a wholesome morning meal.

2. Lentils

While we know how lentils are protein-rich, but they also pack a good amount of fibre. They help improve our energy levels. You can always cook a khichdi at home for a comforting bowl but mixing up a variety of dals is a wholesome option.  

3. Nuts

Haven't we all heard our parents asking to load up on nuts every now and then? They are a healthier option to munch on during the day instead of noshing on junk food. The amount of nutrients in it would definitely motivate you to tuck some in. Right from almonds, cashew to walnuts, every nut is packed with a rich amount of fibre. If you don’t like to have the crunchy nuts as is, add them to a glass of milk, smoothie or shakes.

4. Oats

Touted to be one of the best sources of fibre, oats are perfect for your morning meal. And the sheer variety of ways that you can add it to your diet is unbelievable. From satisfying oatmeal to granola bars to even oats and cheela, there’s so much to cook with oats.  

5. Flaxseeds

These are tiny seeds packed with a great amount of fibre and protein, flaxseeds are known to improve our health in many ways. Top them up over a smoothie bowl or toss in a chilled raita, choice is all yours.

So how are you going to add fibre in your diet?