During the lockdown, there were several days when we didn’t feel like cooking but were damn hungry. In order to satiate the hunger, we would look for quick-fixes like instant noodles and packaged soups. No doubt, they are super easy to make and ready in minutes but are filled with preservatives too and we know it. 

Instead of going through the entire process of making chapatti and subzi, you could cook up a one-pot dish at home. As soon as someone says one pot, the first thing that comes to mind is biryani. There are no two ways about its deliciousness but let’s admit it, it is a pretty tedious task too. We bring to you some lip-smacking one-pot recipes that are hassle-free and satisfactory for the stomach and heart. 

1. Coconut Rice 

A South Indian staple, coconut rice is easy to make with just two basic ingredients, shredded coconut and rice. The one-pot dish is tempered with mustard, a few lentils and curry leaves to acquire the essence. Pair it with a bowl of curd and you are good to go. 

2.  Masala Bhaat 

Filled with potatoes, brinjals, onions and a host of other vegetables, this Maharashtrian delicacy is mildly-spiced and cooked carefully. With just a few ingredients, you can enjoy your masala bhaat with some raita on the side. 

3. Chicken Rice

Now this may sound similar to biryani at first but trust us, it is an altogether different ball game. Chicken drumsticks are cooked along with rice that has been seasoned with Indian spices. The curry paste and yoghurt lend the rice a moist and rich texture. 

4. Sambhar Sadam 

Another South Indian one-pot delight, sambhar sadam is a treat for the tangy sambhar lovers. Instead of cooking them separately, the sambhar and rice are cooked together with lots of vegetables like potatoes and peas. 

5. Bhuni Khichuri 

What makes this Bengali-style khichdi so special is the richness of ghee with which it is made. Fried eggplants are usually paired with this type of one-pot dish. 

All we want to say now is that, ‘There’s enough for all in this One POT!’.