What we relish as Chinese food is actually Indianized Chinese or popularly called, Desi Chinese. Following the same line of thought, there are several fusion food concepts that have become quite the talk of the town.  

Let’s look at 5 such crazy Indo-Western fusion foods that are worth a shot.  


1. Mango Sushi  


Mangoes rolled up with rice sushi cooked in milk sounds like a crazy twist to the Japanese delicacy, doesn’t it? But the taste will leave you in awe, if you are a fan of both mangoes and sushi. Imagine if a Japanese hears of it, what will be his reaction?  


2. Chicken Keema Pasta  

Here, it’s pretty clear. You cook your pasta just the way you do, add all your veggies and sauces. For protein, add flavorful chicken keema and mix it well. You’ve no idea how amazing this tastes. It’s like the best of both worlds.  


3. Cheesy Jalapeno Kachoris  

Onion and Aloo kachoris are too mainstream. Let’s twist them up by stuffing them with cheese and jalapenos. Crunchy exteriors of kachoris with a melted cheesy filling and a tingle of pickled jalapenos of that kick. Sounds crazy but delicious.  


4. Coffee Mutton  


Yes, we agree it sounds really bizarre. But you know what? Adding some expresso shots to your mutton chops marinate along with all the other ingredients will surely give it a tantalizing aroma and flavour that will leave you with WOW till the last bite.  


5. Ladoo Cheesecake  

All of us have definitely tried Blueberry cheesecake and red velvet cheesecake but how about a Boondi Ladoo cheesecake? That’s a thing which is truly heaven. It has condensed milk, yoghurt, boondi ladoos, some biscuits and the taste, it is mind-blowing.  


So, which one are you trying this weekend?