We all love gorging on the expansive wedding menu, from golgappas and chaat papdis to the succulent tikkas and curries. And oh, how can one forget the assorted dessert platter that keeps calling you again and again for more. Since it’s a time of celebration, you wouldn’t want to be a mood spoiler and miss out on all these delicious items.  

So here are 4 tips for balancing your food intake and keeping you in shape during the wedding season. 


Stress on fresh fruits & salads  

While there is bound to be a lavish appetizer counter, there is also a fruits corner that you might choose to skip. Infact, you should actually begin your eating extravaganza with fresh fruits and a plate full of salad, have a lot of them, like a lot. Before digging into the fried Fish tikka or potato fritters, if you eat this then you’ll be half full and eat less of the oily stuff.  


Hydrate all the time 

If you like indulging in alcoholic drinks as part of the celebration, go ahead. But try to have a glass of water in between every drink. You can also drink lemon, coriander water in order to keep your digestive system clean.  


Be selective  

Instead of fried fish, look for grilled options like a grilled fish. Why do you want to have that deep-fried chicken pakora when you can have baked chicken wings or the like? Make intelligent choices in order to limit your intake of greasy food.  


Probiotic food helps  

Yoghurt, lassi, kombucha, kefir etc. are really helpful in aiding digestion and keep your stomach cool. Try to take yoghurt with main course like a raita as it helps in preventing inflammation.  


So, for your next wedding you wouldn’t have to suffer from stomach aches or unnecessary bloating and you can enjoy yourself to the core.