The moment you tell Indian mothers that you are feeling a little uneasy or you want to have something light, the immediate response is, “Khichdi bana deti hoon”. And honestly, we aren’t complaining. A simple and quick hack to fill your tummy, this rice and lentil combination is easy to chew and digest. In fact, young infants whose teeth are yet to pop eat khichdi as a primary solid food. No wonder we love it since our eating journey began with this dish. 

Now with khichdi, you can experiment as much as you like. You could have it plain with just a little bit of jeera (cumin) or make a wholesome affair with vegetables like carrots, potatoes, beans and more. Khichdi is one of the few dishes which gives you the leverage to play around with flavours and try something new. 

Here are four ways in which you can spruce up your khichdi bowl. 

1. Badshahi Khichdi

 Sounds too royal, right? You’ll be amazed to know how easy and quick is its recipe. Some tempered curds enhance the flavour of this dish and give an edge. Try some here

2. Shahjahani Khichdi

 Another one with a fancy name and this time, a fancy recipe too. While it isn’t that hard to make, this Mughlai-inspired Shahjahani khichdi provides the rich and comforting feeling with cashew nuts, white rice and curd. 

3. Masala Khichdi In Bisibelebath Style 

The khichdi has often been infamous for being bland and tasteless. We’ve got all the right flavours in place with this masala khichdi recipe so no more complaints. 

4. Bihari Khichdi 

         Source: India Food Network/Facebook 

Biharis love all things spicy and full of flavours so how could their khichdi be left behind. This is a slightly curry-like khichdi with a semi-thick consistency and lots of vegetables like peas, potatoes and oodles of desi ghee. 

Try these recipes and if you like them, we’ve got more in store for you.