Do you love eating spicy food? Then add these handy chilli sauces to add spice to your food. So rest assured when we say hot sauce, it’s not meant for the faint-hearted and sweet tooth’s people. So without further ado, try the best hot sauces to try at home. 

1. Real Thai Sriracha Extra Hot Chilli Sauce 

This sauce brand has been in the market for over 30 years and is too spicy to resist. With this sauce, you can instantly turn any dish spicy dish. You can use it either with your meals, snacks or while cooking noodles, rice, eggs to enhance the flavours. 

Price: INR 190 for 230 ml bottle

Where To Buy It: You can buy online on Amazon and Big Basket 

2. Bhut Jolokia Chilli Sauce, Extra Hot 

This sauce is originated from North East India, where the dishes are known for their tanginess and spicy flavours. It is made from pure chilli paste of bhut jolokia chillies, not the powder. East By Northeast (ENE) total has three hot sauces. A squirt of this sauce is enough to make you crazy; people who love eating spicy food should relish one drop of it on their meal. Bhut jolokia is also known as ghost pepper cultivated in Northeast India.

Price: INR 200 for a 200ml bottle 

Where To Buy: You can buy from Amazon or Flipkart 

3. Nando’s Extra Hot Peri-Peri Sauce 

This sauce is made of red chillies, and the right amount of spices gives a unique spicy flavour. You have this sauce as a dip for pizza, cutlets, sandwiches, or use this sauce to marinate chicken or paneer. This chilli doesn’t make you cry, but it creates a burning sensation in your whole mouth, be careful while adding this sauce to your food. 

Price: INR 400 for a 250 g bottle 

Where To Buy: You can buy this online on Big Basket, Nature’s Basket, or Amazon. 

4. Naagin Original Hot Sauce 

We know the brand name sounds weird, but this sauce will make dance like a naagin. Jokes apart, naagin sauce is a homegrown hot sauce made from local chillies, namely Sankeshwari chilli and bhut jolokia. It is the first Indian hot sauce that does not use artificial spices.

Price: INR 230 for a 200gram bottle

Where To Buy: You can buy online on their official website.