In all honesty, our first thoughts were that this fancy-sounding dessert would be a whole lot of effort and ingredients. Guess what? We were proven wrong. While the prep took about 3 hours (because of hung curd), the rest was a cakewalk or a parfait! We found all the ingredients in our kitchen and there it was, a chilled and refreshing parfait, waiting to be scooped.  

It has two to three layers with different components that, if perfected, can be a flavourful explosion in your mouth. If you want to try this yummy dessert, go ahead and find out three très bien recipes for your next cravings.   

1. Candy Corn Parfait   

With two different layers of orange colour and a chia pudding on top, this is a festive treat that is popular during Halloween. The idea is to make the chia pudding first and set it for half an hour. The first layer of frozen mangoes and coconut milk is a light, thick slushy that is followed by a slightly darker orange, with addition of carrots to the mix. Try this smoothie-like recipe by Feel Good foodie.   

2. Berry Brownie Yoghurt Parfait   

Made with all-natural ingredients, this healthy dessert does not compromise on taste and texture. This gluten-free delight is layered with Greek yoghurt, maple syrup, dates, and a frozen berries compote. The star of this parfait is the gooey, fudgy brownie, all thanks to the raw crumbles made with dates and cocoa powder and no refined sugar. Find out how to whip up such a tasty dessert.  

3. Biscoff Cookie Pudding Parfait   

Who knows about the legendary tale of Biscoffi cookies? Invented in Belgium, these cookies have become popular for their varied uses as cookie butter in desserts. This parfait recipe right here does something similar. On a layer of Bischoff pudding, that is made with brown sugar, cornstarch, milk, and creamy cookie butter, crushed Biscoff cookies and sprinkled and topped with some whipped cream. Be ready to say, UMMMM... when you try this recipe.  

Now we know why no one can beat the French when it comes to satiating the sweet tooth.