Summers are here in full swing, and the temperatures have started to soar higher and higher with each passing day. And while we strive through the day amid scorching heat, all we can think of cooling, hydrating foods that we can try at home! Experts warning about the rising temperatures have been advised us to stay at home as much as we can. But is that enough to keep our body cool? Not much. It is essential to keep our body cool from within too. And to make everything easier, the summer season comes with so many seasonal foods that you will never run out of options to try! Don’t we love gorging on juicy watermelon, luscious mangoes and sweet muskmelons? Or all those chilled beverages that instantly cools our body down! While every region of India has some local treasures that come exclusively in the summer season, north India is blessed with some of the best ones!  

3 Amazing Summer Recipes From North India You Must Try: 

1. Ambiye Ki Chutney 

Mangoes are the highlight of the summer season. It is perhaps why every mango-lover in the country wait for the season! So, mango-based delicacies are sure to happen! Ambiye ki chutney is raw mango blended with sugar, salt and light spices, which is a delight for anyone who loves to tantalize their taste buds.


2. Falsa Sharbat 

False are tarty berries that come for a concise while during summers and are mostly enjoyed with a sprinkle of salt over. But false ka sharbat is like going one step ahead to an irresistibly delicious beverage made by blending the berries with some water, sugar and spices. This is an instant cooler you would want every day!  

3. Sattu Sharbat 

Sattu is another popular item during the summer season, primarily due to its cooling properties! It is a mix made with chickpea flour, and the drink is made by mixing sattu powder with sugar and salt. The drink is much-loved across Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Haryana as a cleansing, detox drink that cools us instantly!


Do you know more of north Indian summer dishes? Let us know!