Does cheese tea make you think of the amazing ways we can club savoury and sweet?  

Cheese tea, or mousse tea is a very new offering in the parts of Asia where bubble tea is widely popular. It may sound bizarre, but China and Taiwan have been serving it for quite some time. Now it is India’s turn. And you will be fall for the newest trend which has come to Delhi-NCR. 

The trend came to Gurgaon with the start of My Tea Chapel, which was launched in December 2020.  

My Tea Chapel has a drool-worthy selection of specialty teas. One of the teas is called caramel cheese tea with blueberry boba. We assure you that it is not just another hyped-up social media thing. It is truly worth a try.  Since you are at the location now, there are some other new offerings to try which are based on pizzas and waffles respectively. Thanks to My Tea Chapel, Pinsa and Leige Waffles are also having their moment in Delhi-NCR too.


All About Pinsa & Leige Waffles 

The term ‘Pinsa' means an oval-shaped pizza, whose base is made with ingredients such as whole wheat and rice that are so easy to digest. What is used for Pinsa is an ancient roman recipe that is full of flavour! On the other hand, Leige waffles are made with thicker batter than that compared to Belgian or American waffles, and they go exquisitely well with the cheese tea because they are mini-sized.  

Pinsas, cheese teas, and leige waffles — these are the newest and scrumptious additions to the food scene in Delhi-NCR. They all have gained popularity around the world, and it was only a matter of time when they were launched in India, too!  

If you are slightly more of an adventurous foodie, do not miss the experience at My Tea Chapel. It can be a nice change from the places that always await our presence. Support restaurants that are making us re-think about food in a new way!