Home remedies for cold, cough and flu have long been hailed in India and in several parts of the world. From ginger, turmeric to various other spices, people have been using food ingredients to manage various health issues, for ages now as soon as soon as the season change happens. Garlic, too, is known for plenty of health and culinary benefits, but a woman on TikTok took it to another level and divided the internet with her new way of using garlic. Sharing a video on Tiktok, which later got viral and made its way to several other platforms such as Youtube and Twitter, Rozaline Katherine took raw garlic cloves and stuffed them directly into her nostrils. It was done in order to unclog her nose.  

"Saw on TikTok that if you put garlic in your nose, it unclogs your sinuses. Let's give this a try," she wrote in the caption of the video. While the video shows that the garlic cloves kept in her nostrils for about 10-15 minutes, did actually work as post that, her nose was completely runny, people on social media were shocked. Some were grossed out and said that it doesn’t work while questioning the bizarre, unscientific cure, while many others seemed to be in favour too.  

It may be a while till we get on board with the idea of stuffing garlic in nose, there are plenty of tried and tested garlic-based remedies that have been benefitting people from ages. Here are some garlic-based home remedies that may boost health in various ways:

1. Raw Garlic and Honey For Weight Loss

For anyone who is in a detox mode, this combination of raw garlic and honey could be beneficial. Consuming raw garlic early in the morning, empty stomach has proven to be beneficial for weight loss. This tonic can help detoxify your body since raw garlic is a weight loss agent and honey, early in the morning may help metabolise fat better.

2 .Garlic Tea For Diabetes

A pod of garlic can have a pool of health benefits, one of it is managing blood sugar levels. As per multiple studies and researches, garlic has shown to lower the amino acid homocysteine, a risk factor of diabetes and heart diseases. Thus, a pod of garlic crushed and added to a glass of water along with cinnamon powder, boiled and strained to drink, may help manage diabetes. But remember, do not add anything to your regular diet before consulting an expert.

3. Garlic and Coconut Oil For Hair Loss

Minced garlic combined with coconut oil can boost hair growth. All you need to do is mix the two and massage your scalp and hair 30 minutes prior to wash. Garlic has anti-microbial properties that help kill germs and bacteria that inhibits hair growth. Besides this it is rich in vitamin C that promotes hair-health. Remember to not garlic alone on your scalp as it can irritate your skin.