Like other types of delicious, mouth-watering snacks, frankie, too, does not require a lot of time for preparation. It is pretty hearty and quick to eat. Frankies have recently turned out to be a favourite, and you can find them in every mall to even the streets. The reason being the demand and admiration among people belonging to any and every background lies in several senses. The foremost reason behind the flavorful taste and the popularity is that frankies suit all tastes and preferences. They wrap healthy and heavy fillings of different and contrasting fillings, both veg and non-veg, covered around with spices and chutneys. Most of the frankies have potatoes, cheese, sprouts, chicken and a lot more. 

Here’s all you must know about these three different types of frankie.

1. Chili Paneer Frankie

First, we have paneer frankie, which is the king of all other frankies. You can't deny that paneer is a must for all those who grew up eating only vegetarian food. However, most people’s lives revolve around paneer because it's a desirable substitute for non-meat eaters and is loved by all. Chilli paneer frankies are wrapped around in the goodness of cooked paneer flavored with aromatic spices and chillies.

2. Sprouts Frankie

This might be an unusual variety of frankies but tastes just as good as the usual ones. Sprouts Frankie is the perfect example of deliciousness combined with a superfood packed with essential proteins, vitamins and fibres. Sprouts frankies are a roll of either chapati or lachha paratha filled with boiled, mixed sprouts sprinkled with chaat masala and spiced up with flavorful chutneys.

3. Grilled Chicken Frankie

Just the name itself is enough to have people drool all over them. For meat-eaters, chicken frankies are like the ultimate key to happiness. Just as the name suggests, these grilled frankies have the best filling of chicken.