Movies and food go hand-in-hand! Have you ever watched a movie in a theatre without a tub of popcorn after all? Or even at home, can we go without some pizza, hot wings or fries on the side for a movie night with friends or family? Well, we know we can’t! So just imagine how wonderful it would be to watch a movie that revolves around food! Besides a fun storyline and mouth-watering delicacies on the screen, they could be a real motivator for anyone who resists stepping into the kitchen.  

So if you are a foodie who resists cooking or someone who loves to cook or just anyone who likes a good watch around food, here are 13 movies you must add to your watchlist right away! 

1. Julie And Julia 

Dubbed to be one of the best cooking movies, starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, Julie & Julia is a real-life story that follows two timelines- Julia Child’s first years into her culinary career and the other Julie Powell’s quest to cook all of Julia Child’s recipes in the span of a year.


2. The Hundred-Foot Journey 

With France’s culinarian heritage as backdrop, The Hundred-Foot Journey, starring Om Puri as one of the leads revolves around two restaurants who become rivals with each other. While one is a Michelin-starred one while the other is a family-run Indian restaurant.


3. The Lunchbox 

When a mistaken delivery in Mumbai's famously efficient ‘Dabbawala’ delivery system connects a young housewife to an older man in the dusk of his life, what follows is a fantasy world they build together through notes in the lunchbox. Doesn’t food connects emotions the best? This is one of Irrfan Khan's best movies!


4. Ratatouille 

An animated movie about a rat dreaming of becoming a chef, Ratatouille follows a fun shenanigan of the rat at a French restaurant where he teams up with the garbage boy to bring both their cooking dreams to life.


5. Burnt 

With Bradley Cooper at the help of the plot, you think it won’t be any less than a success? Burnt is a dramatic journey of a former high-end chef aiming to restart his career and achieve his third Michelin star. If you want a piece of how stressful and fast-paced life inside a restaurant kitchen can be, this can be your starter pack! 

6. Chef 

One of the most critically-acclaimed movies, Chef revolves around a renowned chef trying to reclaim his creativity through a food truck which he starts after being fired from a high-end restaurant. This one is sure to make you hungry while touching your heart strings!


7. Haute Cuisine 

Inspired from a true story, Haute Cuisine trails the journey of a celebrated chef in France who is hired by the President to be his personal cook. Through all the male-shade, she rises and finds power in her amazing cook! Be ready to slurrp a little here.


8. Stanley Ka Dabba 

A movie that is sure to make you laugh and emotional at the same time! Stanley Ka Dabba follows the story of a school-teacher, who forces children to share their food with him and forbids one from entering the school until he brings his own tiffin (dabba).  

9. The Founder 

Love Mcdonalds? Know the journey of how it was born, to how it became this mega fast-food chain of your  favourite burgers! 


10. Luv Shuv Te Chicken Khurana 

A movie that unravels a search for a much-coveted chicken curry recipe with which his family can reclaim their pride and wealth. A fun riot that you shouldn’t miss!


So, which one are you watching next?