Sabudana also known as tapioca pearl or sago, is an edible starch extracted from the roots of tapioca. The reason for its name being “tapioca pearl'' is because it is pearl-like looking in its shape and size. Sabudana is commonly eaten in the western states of India like Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujrat though Tamil nadu remains to be the largest producer of sabudana in our country. It has been observed that most people in India recognise sabudana as a fasting food as it gives you the energy to go about the day when you are fasting. This fact underestimates the taste and sponginess of this dish, so do enjoy it at parties and events and grab the most out of it. With our sabudana vadas filled with a heavy stuffing of paneer, seek eternal joy and bliss.  


  1. 1 cup sabudana 
  2. 2 boiled potatoes 
  3. Salt 
  4. Black and red pepper 
  5. Mashed pepper 
  6. Green chilli 
  7. Chaat masala ( optional) 
  8. Finely chopped coriander 
  9. Finely chopped mint 
  10. 100g paneer 


  1. Take sabudana and soak it in water for 5 hours. 
  2. Add mashed potatoes in the sabudana and add a tablespoon of red and black pepper. Mix them well. After it is ready, keep it aside. 
  3. For preparing the stuffing, take paneer and mash it. Mix it with salt, red chilli, black pepper, coriander and pudina leaves. Also add chopped green chilli to it for flavour. 
  4. Now grease your hands, in the mixture of sabuana, flatten it and stuff it with paneer filling. 
  5. The round balls or vada that is prepared has to be deep fried in oil. Serve hot.

These stuffed vadas taste best when eaten with green chutney. Pair these crunchy, mouth -filling and energy rich go-to snack with your favourite accompaniment and enjoy.